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Off to the races

What an amazing first race to start off our 2019 season. Thank you to Blaine and his crew at Mill Hill for preparing the track and putting on a great race day. Last Sunday, May 19th, we were fortunate not to have a repeat of weather from last year. Despite all the rain the maritimes has been getting this spring the weather held out for the day with only a few sprinkles at the end, allowing for everything to run smoothly. There were lots of great battles out on the track and nice to see some inspiring examples of good sportsmanship.

We would like to welcome all those who are new this year, and welcome back all of our seasoned riders. We are excited for such a fun year with two additional tracks on the schedule making a very full summer. With 11 race weekends this summer, there will be lots of opportunity to get out on a track.

Riverglade in Moncton is our next round, coming next weekend, June 2nd. You can find the race day entry form by clicking here (FORMS). Make sure your transponders have a current subscription, the unit is updated, and fully charged. Bring your confirmation email from your MRC membership (license) purchase to registration to help make everything go smoothly.

Congratulations to all those who took home a trophy. Particularly those who got first overall in their class.

50cc 4-6: #7 Yamaha WILLIAM LANDRY

50cc 7-8: #101 KTM JAYCE HEIGHTON

65 peewee: #23 KTM TUCKER DOIRON

85cc 7-11: #461 x KTM KYLE LUTES

85cc 12-16: #161 KTM JUSTIN BURGE

Beginner GP: #180 Yamaha AYDEN PAYZANT

Jr. Ladies: #18 Husqvarna HANNAH COLE

Ladies: #191 KTM JENNA BURGE

MX2 Junior: #92 Husqvarna AUSTIN AYLES


MX3 Intermediate GP: #474 Yamaha HUNTER VAUGHAN

Schoolboy: #13 KTM NOLE CHAPMAN

Supermini: #161 KTM JUSTIN BURGE

Youth Junior (under 30): #97 Honda ALEXANDRE VERONNEAU

Youth Master: #11 Husqvarna DAVEY FRASER

Vet Junior: #69 Yamaha CHRIS DEMERCHANT

Vet Master: #218 Husqvarna DAVID ESTABROOKS

Plus 40: #79 Yamaha KIRK LONG

MX 3 Pro GP: #11 Husqvarna DAVEY FRASER

See you all at the Glade!

Photo credit: Patrick Foote

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