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Dream Acres Mx Park.jpg

Dreamacres Motocross Park

123 Ferguson brook road, Tatamagouche

Owner: Kelly Spencer
Dreamacres mx park was built by Kelly and his son to bring more access to motocross to their area! They hope to bring years of enjoyment to families and are going to continue building their track into a destination for all skills from all over. They are looking forward to offering multiple race events  Dreamacres is going to work towards holding ride days for sleds in winter as well, see where that can take us!


Miller Meadow Motocross Park

310 Miller Road Devon, NS

Owner: Kyle Ledwidge
Kyle started MMMXP in 2000 as a practice track and it grew from there. He joined with NSORRA in 2011 and built all the Enduro trails. In 2017 they hosted their first MX race.


Mill Hill Motocross

1001 Bains Rd, Canning, NS

Owner: Blaine Prest & Rick
Mill Hill established in 1997 nestled in the foothills of the Annapolis valley offers a mix of sand and beautiful red clay. Owned and operated by Blaine Prest a long time participant in Atlantic region motocross racing. 


Mt. Thom Motocross

96 NS-4, Salt Springs, NS

Mount Thom motocross has been open since 2010 and has been holding races off and on since.  The owner, Jeremy wallace, has been in the motocross seen since 1995. This track is a local favorite and it is returning to the race circuit for the 2019 schedule,

Owner: Jeremy Wallace


Pleasant Valley Motorsport Park

540 NS-289, Brookfield, NS

Owner: Robbie Cooke & Mitchell Cooke



45949 Homestead Rd, River Glade, NB

Owner:  Earl Doucett, Larry Northrup, Lee Steeves
This track has been around for 40 years and they continue to make improvements to keep it interesting for the riders.

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